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The following are policies and guidelines guide NORM meetings and contact between members:
  • The founders and coordinators will not, under any circumstances, reveal or provide the names of participants to anyone for any purpose without the specific permission of the individual.

  • The founders and coordinators observe confidentiality: no members' names will be used when the group is discussed outside of meetings.

  • Individuals may share information (their own name and address) with others at their discretion.

  • No sexual activity is allowed during group meetings. (NORM is not a J/O club.)

  • There are no set dues. Funds to cover expenses (rent of meeting places, refreshments, postage and publications) to be donated by members within their own abilities.

  • There are no elected officers in this program. The founders will approve leadership for each participating group and will maintain oversight of its activities within these guidelines.

  • Consensus of those who regularly attend meetings will, in general, determine the agenda for scheduled meetings and the means by which to best accomplish the purposes and goals of this program.

  • Due to the sense of woundedness of many of the men who participate in these groups and out of a sense of modesty, women will not be invited to attend the regular meetings.


Some NORM branches may have additional policies in effect.
Contact your local coordinator for more information.

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