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The following is a listing of commercially available as well as free (make it yourself) restoration devices. Any purchase or use of these items is at the individual's discretion. Neither the author of the Joy of Uncircumcising nor NORM assume any responsibility for their use. All inquiries regarding use, ordering or price should be directed to the individual manufacturer. NORM does not endorse any particular organization, product or individual listed below.

Think carefully and make an informed evaluation before buying any devices. Often only one weighted or elastic stretching device is necessary to complete the restoration process. Though many men find one device more comfortable or easy to use, and some men find different devices useful at different stages of restoration, this varies from man to man. Do not be persuaded by claims of quicker results or a longer penis; these claims are not substantiated by scientific research.

Scientific tissue expansion research indicates that in order to grow new tissue one must keep the tissue under tension for consistent periods of time (5-15 hours a day for 5-7 days a week for example). To complete foreskin restoration this must be done for a period that varies from several months to several years. When not wearing a device, keeping the skin forward over the glans with a tape ring or similar means can speed restoration and will protect the glans while your complete your restoration.

Some of the information presented here is taken from chapter 18 and the resource section of The Joy of Uncircumcising, 2nd edition, with permission of the author.

This page is updated to reflect the availability of newer devices and techniques as they become available, be sure to check back. You can click here for links to other web sites that have additional restoration information and methods. This page (which is not affiliated with NORM) has a very good comparison of the various pros and cons of the most common methods in use. 

Low cost, Non-commercial devices

Manual Tugging

This method is a simple way to get started. With this method one pulls the shaft skin forward and holds it there for 10-15 minutes or more , once or twice a day. This can be a good way to stretch out the skin before using other methods or can be a complete restoration method in itself. See Doug's Manual Restoration website.


Though not a device in itself a good quality tape is essential to many restoration methods. Various tapes and how to remove tape are explained on our FAQ page.

The T-Tape Method

The T-Tape method has been around for quite awhile and works well. A free T-taping guide and supplies are available at: Appolo Technologies

Homemade Funnel Tugger

Made using a cheap plastic funnel this a a simple way to get started. Instructions are here.

Homemade Silicon Tugger

A homemade tapeless tugger similar to the Tug Ahoy listed in the commercial devices section. Click here to read how to make one.



O-rings, such as the black rubber ones found at the hardware or automotive store can be used to hold the foreskin forward. This method generally produces fairly slow growth, however multiple o-ring can speed the process. 


Baby Bottle Nipple

Various sizes of baby bottle nipples can be used as "keepers" to keep the skin forward of the glans when not actively restoring.. Buy the clear silicone ones. Usually the rim is trimmed off as well as the nipple so that one can pee through the device.

"Musical" and Sockets Devices 

The mouthpieces of a number of the larger brass musical instruments are remarkably well suited for modification to be worn comfortably within the developing foreskin. Tuba, trombone, and Sousaphone are among the mouthpieces suggested. The men who have sent in suggestions for using such a mouthpiece all modified them by grinding away part of the stem, some of the flare of the mouth orifice, or some other unwanted feature. In each case, the design of the original mouthpiece allows for urination while wearing the device. Typically, either a weight or elastic tension is attached to the protruding stem of the device once it is taped in place within the foreskin. 

People have also used metal sockets in a similar fashion, adding weight can be accomplished by adding extension pieces to the socket. 

Care must be taken with either of these methods that the skin that is taped to the outside of the mouthpiece or socket does not get pinched between the device and some outside hard object like a table or whatever else you may accidentally run into during the day. Severe pain and possibly injury could result.


Commercially Produced Devices

From the earliest days of the modern-day restoration movement, numbers of men have expressed the desire for ready-made devices and products which do not require design or assembly skills. Some of these devices are described below. NORM does not endorse any device below and all information is provided as a service to help you find the device that works the best for you. Please compare prices, features and talk with other men who are restoring before making a purchase.

TLC Tugger and the Your-Skin Restoration Cone

A tapeless device similar to the Tug-Ahoy above. The cone on the right can be bought separately and used as a retainer, similar to o-rings. Low cost, high quality device. Visit the product site at

DTR (Dual Tension Restorer)

The DTR is two foreskin restoration devices in one. It's a tapeless self contained traction device made from nylon that does not require any straps or weights to create tension. It's almost indestructible, easy to clean and very easy to use. It can be set to any tension desired or use an auto tension feature with the use of an elastic band. The device works by creating a dual tension on the skin between the pusher plate and the gripping cone. This helps creating inner foreskin as well as outer.

PUD (Penile Uncircumcising Device)

American Bodycrafters, Inc., has developed an uncircumcising device of high-quality stainless steel. It has a funnel-shaped chamber which fits over the glans and is worn inside the developing foreskin and a larger, cylinder-shaped body which extends beyond the penis to provide the necessary weight. The device is available in a range of 'cup' sizes for the glans and a variety of overall weights ranging from 10-22 ounces. (NORM recommends that weights above 10-12 ounces should only be worn after some experience with the device). The device is drilled with a generous channel from the bottom of the glans cup out through the tip, so urination through the device is quite easy for most men.

The advantages of this device are:

  • the high quality of the material,
  • the narrow 'neck' which minimizes lateral expansion, and
  • the variety of sizes and weights to meet individual requirements.

The disadvantages are:

  • It must be applied and removed daily.
  • It is bulky when added to the length of the penis. The device can be quite visible beneath many styles of clothing, and can hit vulnerable anatomical structures when one moves too quickly or is running.

Available From:
American Bodycrafters, Inc., P.O. Box 7555, Huntington Beach, CA 92615
Telephone: (800) 628-1852


There are five RECAP products: 

  1. The RECAP-EZ is the only restoration product which provides consistent bi-directional tension and helps restrain loose scrotal skin. Length and circumference measurements of the erect penis are necessary. $75.00
  2. The RECAP-DTL ( down the leg ) is the most practical and effective RECAP product for daily use - easily concealed and comfortable. Measurement of the circumference of the leg ( just below the knee ) is necessary. $85.00
  3. The RECAP-Softy is fitted with the same cap and ring attachment as the DTL, but is designed to be used with a suspender-type tension strap. The strap can be routed up, down, and around the torso in a variety of ways. The Softy can even be worn with shorts. No measurements necessary. $50.00
  4. The RECAP-Combo is a combination of the DTL and the Softy. One cap and ring attachment, one DTL attachment, and one suspender-type tension strap are provided. The Combo provides versatility that you will appreciate. Measurement of the leg ( Just below the knee ) is necessary. $100.00
  5. The RECAP inflatable. You have never seen anything like it, because there has never been anything like it. Basically, it is the RECAP-EZ that has been modified to permit inflation of a bladder inside the cavity created when tension is applied to the cap and ring attachment of the RECAP-EZ. The price is $150.00

Payment Options: Cash, check, money order, or online via PayPal are acceptable.

Shipping and Handling: Please add $5.00 for shipments in the USA . Add
$10.00 for most international shipments. All shipments will be via USPS
Priority Mail, usually within one week after receipt of payment.

Mailing Address: Mail and make payments payable to : Arthur Gibson, PO Box 1433, Rockport, TX 78381

Email questions to Arthur Gibson at

Foreskin Natural Restorer (formerly the R2K)

The Foreskin Natural Restorer consists of a stainless steel bell that fits over the glans or head of the penis. See the website for pictures and how it works.

CAT II Q Foreskin Restoration Device

A tapeless tugger that features Constant Applied Tension to both the outer and inner foreskin. See the website at for more features and information on this product.

DILE Insert

From the manufacturer: First introduced and offered for sale in 1998, the DILE Insert Foreskin Restoration System (the Dual-Action Incremental Longitudinal Expander), the FIRST "Bi-Directional" restoration device has been updated. After 20 years, numerous iterations of development and many hiatuses (in effort), recent advances in technology (CAD and 3D printing) have helped the DILE evolve into its final and most advanced form. The DILE Insert Foreskin Restoration System is an internal packing device which can be adjusted (incrementally) to expand longitudinally once it is inserted and enclosed within the developing foreskin. The DILE can be used with or without a strap. The "dual-action" of the DILE comes from the fact that when "pulled" the DILE provides tension on the outer and inner skin (like normal tugging), however, when expanded, the DILE provides for the extra "push" of tension on the inner skin."


The MetaMoreFore (MMF) is the culmination of years of trial and error (and refinement) to develop an approach that 1) can be worn during bathroom breaks, 2) has a low profile under clothing, 3) has versatility for different users and their foreskin restoration needs, and 4) can focus on targeting inner foreskin tissue. Visit the website for more info

Foreballs - NO LONGER MADE

Foreballs are two stainless steel bearings joined by a short rod. Various size bearings are used to create Foreballs of different sizes and weights. The individual bearings used weigh as follows: 1" = 2.4 oz, 1" = 3.5 oz, 1 ¼" = 4.6 oz, 1 ½ = 7.9 oz. The ¼ by ¾ inch rod and the welding add some to the overall weight. The standard Foreballs are about 7.5 oz. All sets are made by special order only when the requested size balls are available. Foreballs need some loose skin or a foreskin under which to insert the smaller ball and then tape is applied around the skin that is then over the central rod in order to hold the device on. The device must be removed to urinate. Though no longer available more information can be found at this website:


Another device made out of medical grade stainless steel. (This device appears to no longer be in production, the website at no longer exists).


Unfortunately the man who produced this device passed away in early 2009 and so it is no longer made. You may visit the website (which has a lot of information on the device and it creator) by going to and typing in


The following devices are used to treat Phimosis (a tight foreskin that cannot be retracted) so they are not technically foreskin restoration devices. However by using a device like these men with phimosis may be able to treat the condition without resorting to circumcision.

Homemade Device

This site is a discussion board dedicated to the non-surgical treatment of phimosis. The following link is to specific homemade device on that site that may be made at home.

Gentle Foreskin Stretcher - Device to Treat Phimosis (Tight Foreskin)

See the website at:

Glanise - Device to Treat Phimosis (Tight Foreskin)

See the website at:

Other Foreskin Restoration Related Products

Tug N'Wear

Tug N'Wear makes an underwear product that was originally designed around Ron Low’s TLC Tugger and also supports restoration devices such as the CAT, DTR, PUD, Foreballs and many others. It allows you to comfortably and safely wear your device without worrying about it falling off or rubbing against you leg. Custom made in the USA, we tailor each order for proper fit by collecting your waist size at the time of ordering. For more information on this product visit


The ManHood is an undergarment that acts as a foreskin substitute in that it protects the skin of the penis, in particular the glans, from abrasion and drying out. It provides some of the benefits of foreskin restoration and can be used in conjunction with foreskin restoration to protect the glans prior to full coverage with one's own skin. Visit for more info on this product.


SenSlip - According the manufacturer's website this is the world's first ever artificial retractable foreskin for circumcised men. NORM does not recommend this product as it is similar to to wearing a condom, does not promote restoration the foreskin, and it does not allow the skin to breathe.

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